Feb 1, 2011

Pasta from scratch

When I got the Kitchen Aid last year i knew i wanted the pasta maker to go with it some day. Ahhh... and it is indeed what i had hoped it would be! So much work, but oh so good. I started with a simple egg pasta recipe so i could get the hang of getting a good textured dough. With that I made my traditional homemade bolognese sauce and served this in hand made pottery bowls, the results were perfection!

Next on my list is ravioli and soon after a pesto lasagna!


  1. That looks absolutely delish! Would you be willing to share your sauce recipe?

  2. HI Kathryn,

    The sauce is different everytime i make it. but the the way i make it is the same i guess. I cook up the ground beef until it is browned, it is usually a little over cooked but i simmer the sauce for HOURS so its fine. I then saute LOTS of garlic, onions and then other veggies i want to add (all this the the g beef). Ideally i like to add mushrooms, celery and bell peppers, but this depends on what i have on hand, i have added carrots & zucchini as well. the trick is to saute them on high heat while constantly stirring them so they don't stick. Then I add crushed tomato cans (about4) and tomato sauce (about2-3) and usually one can of tomato paste (if I remember to buy it) I add a squirt of mustard, soya sauce, ketchup and just recently i have been adding like 3-4 tbs of balsamic vinegar. i throw in a Bay leaf and some herbs cover then i let it simmer on the lowest heart all afternoon, minimum 4 hours. Oh ya but i stir it every 20 minutes or so :)

    That is the jist of it. If i were to make it in the summer i would use all fresh tomatos an herbs and would add tons of parsley and basil :)


  3. Oh ya, salt and pepper and "chili flakes" to taste!